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Our Staff


Tom Blake
    Director of Worship and Administration

Sharon Howell
    Administrative Assistant

Tom Blake
    Music Director

Sharon Howell

Dorinne Lykins
    Clerk of Session

Sharon Howell

Larry Loy
    Commissioned Ruling Elder

Goldene Mondragon
    Moderator, Presbyterian Women

Dorinne Lykins
    Financial Secretary

Tom Blake
    Elder, Session 2023 Class, Property, Nominating, Personnel

Goldene Mondragon
    Elder, Session 2022 Class, Community Life, Worship, CE

Dorinne Lykins
    Elder, Session 2021 Class, Church Life

Tom Blake
    Commissioner to Presbytery

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Roswell, NM 88201-1365
Phone: 575-622-2801


Community Involvement

At Westminster we believe that when Sunday worship ends, our true service begins! Our congregation supports many projects:

Community Kitchen is an organization that serves a free meal at noon 365 days a year. We work every other Thursday, making sandwiches for the weekend, and helping to prepare a hot meal for Thursday. Three or four times a year we pass out sack lunches on the weekend.

Our "Piece" Makers make quilts and layettes that are given to Good Samaritan, local  families, Cristo Rey, and the County Health Department.

CASA Family Adoption at Christmas

We provide financial support for a variety of missions through:

  • Heifer Project 
  • Hispanic Outreach in the Pecos Valley
  • Minority Outreach
  • Presbyterian Women Thank Offering
  • Presbyterian Women Birthday Offering
  • Presbyterian Women Fellowship of the Least Coin
  • Community Kitchen
  • Cents-ability (Two-Cents-A-Meal Program)

What We Believe

“We are becoming a new creation by the power of God’s grace: to proclaim the good news of Christ and to manifest the justice of GOD.”
Thus reads the Life and Mission Statement of the Presbyterian Church (USA), a denomination of which we are proud to be a part. The Presbyterian Church (USA) has almost three million members spread throughout every state.
If you believe in Jesus Christ, you can be a Presbyterian!
The Presbyterian Church is one of the oldest Protestant churches. Stemming from the reformed tradition with historical and theological voices of John Calvin and John Knox ringing in our ears, we believe that our Community in Christ is “reformed and always being reformed.” While we are a very diverse church, there are several foundational beliefs all Presbyterians affirm:
· Jesus Christ, the son of God, is our Savior, Redeemer and Lord.
· We rely on the Holy Spirit to inspire our faith in God and guide us in our faithfulness to God in Jesus Christ.
· We believe that God’s Word is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit in Scripture, and therefore consider the Bible basic to our faith and worship.
· We practice two sacraments: the Lord’s Supper and Baptism. Both sacraments are important because they are acts of the entire Church community. At Westminster, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper the first Sunday of each month. All baptized Christians are welcome to the Lord’s Table in our church.
· We profess our faith through our Confessions, statements of our faith adopted as part of our historical life in our faith journey in Christ.
The Presbyterian Church (USA) differs from other protestant denominations in the way it governs itself. Presbyterians have a representative form of government: clergy and elected laity working together to make decisions.
Each congregation elects leaders called Ruling Elders from the congregation to the governing body of the congregation, called the Session. Each Session, in turn, elects commissioners to Presbytery, a regional governmental body. We are represented then to the Synod, and finally to the annual meeting of the Presbyterian Church (USA), the General Assembly.
Presbyterians believe that “God alone is the Lord of the Conscience.” We are therefore willing to discuss most any issue. While we disagree on subjects, because God speaks to each of us as distinct believers, we agree to disagree in a spirit of Christian love.


Church History

Westminster Presbyterian Church

of Roswell, New Mexico



Westminster Presbyterian Church was officially organized on April 26, 1961 with 82 charter members.   Rev. Travis Hyatt was the organizing pastor and moderator of Pecos Valley Presbytery (now Sierra Blanca Presbytery).    Westminster was organized by members of First Presbyterian Church of Roswell because they thought First Presbyterian had become too large to be able to meet the needs of all the congregation, and that a second church would give people a choice of attending a large church or a smaller more intimate congregation.   


The first worship service of the new Roswell Presbyterian Fellowship was held on Sunday, February 19, 1961 in the Knights of Pythias Hall at 1601 W. Second Street (now occupied by Fulkerson Plumbing).  The hall was rented for Wednesday evenings and Sundays only.   Congregation members needed to arrive early on Sunday mornings to set up chairs and clean the facilities to create a worshipful atmosphere.


In 1962 a building site was located, which was donated by the builders of Enchanted Hills.  Dick Wagoner was selected as architect and Holloway Construction Company as the builder.  A Mission Grant from General Assembly provided enough cash to get started, but when it came to financing the building, they had nothing to secure a loan.   The loan company agreed to accept personal signatures from the membership to secure the loan by using their homes as collateral.   Members also assisted with the building project by doing finishing work, such as painting, laying floor tile, etc., to help defray some of the cost.   The building was completed and was dedicated on May 16, 1965.   The closing of Walker Air Force Base in the mid 1960’s, put a strain on all of Roswell, since many families moved away.    In the early 1990’s, Westminster’s membership increased and the original building was enlarged with additional classrooms and a Fellowship Hall.   The new additions were dedicated on April 23, 1995.


Westminster is a friendly, family-oriented church where all people are welcome and accepted.   We follow a motivating, insightful and hopeful interpretation of God’s word.   We offer intelligent thought provoking study groups, and opportunities for members to do Christ’s work through their church and voluntary Community Service.   Our strong support of mission giving fulfills our belief of following Christ by caring for God’s creation and all people.


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