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Westminister Chimes , October 2008 Westminister Chimes , October 2008

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Westminister Chimes , October 2008

Posted on Tue, Sep 30, 2008

Table of Contents
Minister’s Musings
Dear Friends in Christ,

By now many of you know I will be having surgery on Thursday, October 2. Providing that everything goes as planned, I will be in the hospital until Saturday or Sunday. Then I will be home recuperating for six weeks. I will return to the office on November 11.


During that time, you will be well taken care of. Pulpit supply will be provided by Larry Loy, Virginia King, Melissa Kuemmerle, Gene Harbaugh, and Jeff Finch. I am very pleased that these folks have agreed to come, and I hope that the variety of preaching styles and voices will allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you in new ways.


Session has arranged for communion for our homebound members, not just for this time, but permanently. Pastoral care will be coordinated by Larry Loy. He will have help from other folks in the congregation, and


from Bob Williams and Jeff Finch. Again, it is a blessing to have people so willing to step in, and also to have folks who know this congregation so well!


During my hospital stay (two to four days), I would prefer not to have visitors other than family. Once home, I will need some time to recover, but around October 11, I expect I will be craving some conversation and company! Just call me at home to make sure it’s a good time.


The Evangelism and Concern Committee has asked me to let them know they can help. I expect that we will need a few meals. We may also need some help with the boys – a few hours out on a Saturday to give Tom a break. I’m sure there are other things I haven’t thought of, but I will be sure to let the E&C Committee know. You can call Connie Berckes if you would like to find out how you can help us.


I do know that my family and I will need prayer. Please pray that the surgery goes as planned and that my recovery does the same. Please pray for


Tom as he assumes additional responsibilities while I am convalescing. Please pray for the boys so that their lives are not too disrupted and they are not too worried about me. Please pray that this surgery will relieve many of the health problems with which I have been dealing.


God is good. I am blessed to have physicians who listen to me and work with me. I am blessed to have a husband that is extremely supportive and willing to take on extra responsibilities for a while. I am blessed to have parents who will be here to help for a while, and a sister-in-law who will do the same. And I am most blessed to have you, who have walked with me through these illnesses and cared for me. You are blessed to be a congregation that can pick up and do what needs to be done in such a situation as this. God is indeed good!

Grace and peace,


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Youth News

The youth at WPC – Grant Hunter, Chase Martinson, Hannah Martinson and Dakota Hiatt – continue to be active. In January, they will attend a tri-denomination event called “Faith in 3D.” This is a four-day event where they will visit with their peers from other Christian traditions (Episcopal and Cooperative Baptist), and spend a bit of time learning about other faiths as a way of maturing in their own faith and more clearly defining what they believe.


As usual, with a trip comes some fund-raising! So far, three fund-raising events are planned. The youth provided lunch for the meeting of Presbytery at the end of last month, using donated food, thus making 100% profit! The Presbytery generously contributed $415 for the lunch. 


The Grand Reopening of the Starbucks at Albertson’s will be Saturday October 4th. The Youth will be running the concession cart in the parking lot that morning. Albertson’s has generously donated all proceeds from the concession cart that morning.


The Youth are also selling 2009 calendars and pocket calendars. The calendars contain a scripture verse and a photograph of beautiful scenery for each month; the


pocket calendars have a scripture quote, a small photograph, and include a notepad as well. 


The wall calendars are $10 each; the pocket calendars are $7.50 each; or you can buy both for $15. Look for the youth in the Narthex following worship.

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Presbyterian Women’s Happenings 


Women of Westminster Presbyterian are invited to join the Women of First Presbyterian in two upcoming classes taught by the Reverend Laura Niles Finch, former co-pastor at Westminster Presbyterian. All activities will occur at First Presbyterian Church, 400 W Third Street.The two classes are: Creative Prayer Practices and Ruth: Moments in Women’s Lives. They will be introduced first at a luncheon on at noon on Wednesday, October 1, and again at a brunch on Saturday, October 4, at 9:30am.


Creative Prayer Practices will be offered in six Saturday sessions beginning Saturday, October 11, and concluding on November 15. The time for this study is 9:30am – 11am. Additional information can be found on a green pamphlet in the narthex.


A six-session bible study, Ruth: Moments in Women’s Lives, based on a book by Joan Chittister, will be offered on Sundays from 11:15am – 12:15pm beginning on October 5, as well as on Tuesdays from noon – 1pm beginning on October 7. These studies conclude on November 9 and 11,


respectively. Additional information can be found in a blue pamphlet in the narthex.


If you need additional information or wish to register, you may do so by calling the First Presbyterian Church office at 575.622.4910.

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Piece Maker’s Progress


The Quilt makers have continued to work over the summer and have quilts ready to help those in need this fall. The ladies are always working hard all through the month, and then meet at the Church the 4th Monday of each month at 9 AM for picking colors squares, matching fronts and backs, tacking the quilts, and socializing. As always, they are working with double-knit fabrics, so if you have any lying around gathering dust or stuffed into a closet somewhere, why not donate it to the Piece Makers and help keep someone warm?


At the Presbytery meeting in September, 24 quilts were donated to the Christo Rey Project; 4 quilts were donated to Esperanza para mi Pueblo (the Pecos Valley Hispanic


Ministry); 4 quilts were donated to Adam Soliz; and 4 quilts to Pasos de Fe, a border ministry in El Paso.

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Where are they now?


It was with regret that we said fare thee well to Don Coppock last month. He has moved to Texas to be closer to his family members. His new address is available from the church office.

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A Letter to Our Members


To the Quilting Ministry

c/o Jane Berckes.


Dear Sister Jane,

Thank you so much for helping and supporting Rivers of Life by making the lovely quilts for our Men’s Shelter. We know that you also plan to

make more for us after we open our Women’s & Children’s Shelter. Please express our thanks to all of the women who helped make the quilts. 


Without compassionate people like you, this ministry would not be able to serve the needs of so many. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers.

Stella Franco
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Layette Ladies

Peg Stokes and her helpers have furnished 40 layettes since May, donating them to the Maternal Health Clinic, associated with the County Health Department for mothers and their newborns.


If you shop at garage sales or thrift shops, we would be happy for any baby items you

might find in sizes 0-12 months. In the layettes, we try to place 2 outfits, 2 one-piece outfits, socks/booties if there are any, washcloths, diapers, receiving

blanket(s), small quilt, and any small bottles of shampoo we have (sample/hotel sized). With winter coming up, caps and jackets would be appreciated.


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October Fellowship Potluck Dinner

 Think Pink!!!  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.


With that in mind our October fellowship dinner will deal with breast cancer and cancer in general.  We have many cancer survivors in our


congregation and have lost friends to this disease.  We will have people from Krymera come to speak to us about prevention and the treatments that are available in Roswell.

So break out the pink, it’s the must have color of the month,


and meet for dinner with us.  The date is October 19 th at 5:30 pm. Signup sheet will be available in the Narthex starting on October 5th.


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Presbytery Performance


Karen Lafferty of Santa Fe, along with The Generations Band will be performing ‘Sing My Heart Out’, Saturday October 4th at 7 PM, and Sunday, October 5th at 10:45 am; at the First Presbyterian Church at 402 West Grand Avenue in Artesia NM. 


Saturday, October 18 between 2-4 pm, First Presbyterian Church in Ruidoso will be having their annual “Tea for Two or Just You”. Program guests are Lou Ann Ellison for music, and John Eilert will present “The Victorian Gentleman of the West” Contact Phyllis Lester or the Church office for more information.

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In The Beginning…

In the beginning . . . God covered the earth with broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach, AND with green and yellow and red vegetables of all kinds, so Man and Woman would live long and healthy lives.


Then Using God’s bountiful gifts, Satan created Ben and Jerry’s and Krispy Kreme. And Satan said: “You want hot fudge with that?” And Man said:”Yes!” And Woman said:


“I’ll have one too… with sprinkles.” And lo, they gained 10 pounds.


 And God created the healthful yogurt that Woman might keep the figure that Man found so fair. And Satan brought forth white flour from the wheat, and sugar from the cane, and combined them. And Woman went from size 2 to size 14.


So God said: “Try my fresh green garden salad.” And Satan presented crumbled Bleu Cheese dressing and garlic toast on the side. And Man and Woman unfastened their belts following the repast.


 God then said: “I have sent you heart healthy vegetables and olive oil in which to cook them.” And Satan brought forth deep-fried coconut shrimp, butter-dipped lobster chunks, and chicken-fried steak so big it needed its own platter. And Man’s cholesterol went through the roof.


Then God brought forth the potato… naturally low in fat

and brimming with potassium and good nutrition. 


Then Satan peeled off the healthful skin and sliced the starchy center into chips and deep-fried them in animal fats add copious quantities of salt. And Man put on more pounds.


God then brought forth running shoes so that his
Children might lose those extra pounds.


 And Satan came forth with a cable TV with remote control so Man would not have to toil changing the channels.


 And Man and Woman laughed and cried before the flickering light and started wearing stretch jogging suits.


 God then gave lean beef so that Man might consume fewer calories and still satisfy his appetite. And Satan created McDonald’s and the 99-cent double cheeseburger. Then Satan said: “You want fries with that?” And Man replied: “Yes! And super size ‘em!”

And Satan said: “It is good.” 


And Man and Woman went into cardiac arrest. God sighed…and created quadruple by-pass surgery. And then… Satan chuckled and created HMO’s.

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Fathers As Readers

Church Women United will be collecting children’s books for the FAR program on November 7. Dot Berckes is the contact person concerning this program. There is a container in the Lobby the books can be dropped off in before that date. 


FAR was started in October of 2000 as part of the Family Literacy

program, part of the State Education Department. This program provides incarcerated fathers the opportunity to connect with their children through reading. The books donated are read by the fathers and recorded on audio tapes, which are then sent along with the book to the children. The program reinforces the importance of reading for both the incarcerated fathers as well as for their children. 


Staying connected to their families and being active participants in their children’s education has provided a powerful incentive for the improvement of their own education. This initiative has been a partnership with the New Mexico Coalition for Literacy (NMCL) and the Literacy Volunteers of America (LVA). 


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Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
 Current needs at Presbyterian Disaster Assistance are: Clean-Up Kits, Hygiene Kits, and School Kits.  You can send funds for these kits through PDA by putting project number DR000151 on the memo line of your check.

Later, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance will be setting up Volunteer Villages for Long Term Relief work soon. In the meantime, you can log on to (United Methodist Church relief in Texas) to find out how you can help immediately. It is preferred that people come in teams from churches, not individually. If there is enough interest, we can put together a team (or teams) to go to the Texas coast to work.


Here is a list of other PDA accounts you may wish to contribute to:


General Relief/ Undesignated – DR000148

2008 hurricanes – DR000184

Caribbean hurricanes and tropical storms Gustav, Fay, and Hannah – DR000166

For other information, log on to
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Mark Your Calendars!

· October 1, 10:00 AM, Evang. & Concern Committee Meeting

· October 6, 9:00 AM PW Circle

· October 7, 6:30 PM Mission & Stewardship Committee Meeting

· October 7, 7:00 PM Property & Worship Committees Meet

· October 14, 7:00 PM Session Meeting

· October 19, 5:30 PM Potluck Dinner

· October 25, 8:00 AM Wilson-Cobb Genealogical & History Research

· October 26, Cents-Ability Collection

· October 27, 9:00 AM Piece Makers Day

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