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Westminster Chimes, August 2008 Westminster Chimes, August 2008

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Westminster Chimes, August 2008

Posted on Fri, Aug 15, 2008



August 2008  Sunday Worship at 9:30 a.m. 
Volume 47, Number 8
Table of Contents
 The Minister’s Musings
 Summer Break
 Session Reminders
 Our Youth in Action
 Editorial – Tithing
 PW Happenings
 End of Summer Ice Cream Social
 Update on Lindsay
 Campbell’s Labels
 Vacation Bible School
 Blessing of the Backpacks
 Witness for Peace
 Unusual Calendar Dates
 Volunteers Needed
The Minister’s Musings
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 
It’s hard to believe that it’s been six years since I arrived in Roswell to begin serving as your pastor. During that time there have been difficulties, and there have been times of joy. We’ve seen teenagers grow up and go to college. We’ve seen some of our fellow WPCers move out of town. We’ve had far too many funerals.  Our presbytery is changing, as is the synod and the national church. 
As I continue to live into and grow into being your pastor, I find that some things I do continue to need revision as well. I have had posted Office Hours of 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. Since Caleb has started school, our patterns at home have changed, so I will have different office hours beginning August 1. Office hours are times when you can typically expect to find me in the office, barring any emergencies in our church family or in my own. I will do my best to schedule appointments (church and others) outside this time so that I may be in the office. Unless someone comes in to visit, typically during my office hours I work on the Sunday Bulletin, The Chimes, return phone calls, check email, etc. I do reading to keep up theologically and in preparation for preaching. 
I am also available to meet or talk with folks at other times. You may email me (
); this is the pastor’s confidential email address. You may write to me via the USPS. You may call me in the office, on my cell phone or at home if you need to urgently speak with me. You may make an appointment to meet with me, if that is more comfortable than dropping in. 
On the rare occasions I am out of the office due to illness, a child’s illness, an emergency, or an unexpected appointment, Tina will know where I am and if it is appropriate to contact me there. 
It is my desire to be available to you, especially for emergencies and at other times you need to consult with me. While I generally know about crisis that is happening among you, I don’t always, so please call and let me know, so I can be there for you and those you love. Don’t assume that I have heard something through other channels, because on occasion I have not. Please know that I would not deliberately neglect someone in a time of need. 
Thanks to the folks with whom I have spoken and been in correspondence concerning this issue. 
Oh, and by the way, my Office Hours beginning August 1 will be 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., Tuesday – Thursday!
Grace and peace,
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Summer Break
Evangelism and Concern
Did not meet in July, but will meet on Wednesday August 6Th, at 10 AM. There have been prayers for Jane Berckes, Tom Berckes, Dick Newcomb, Don & Joyce Manke, and travel mercy prayers for members of our congregation that have been traveling for vacation and family reunions. In June we were involved with a reception for Roberta Loy’s family (after her Memorial Service).
Thanks to all my members for their great work:
Phyllis Lester
Peg Stokes
Nancy Armstrong
Veva Byrd
 Margaret Johnson
In His Love,
Connie Berckes
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Session Reminders
Elders on Session, I hope you enjoyed your July break. This month we are back into our regular schedule. That means that most Committees meet on Tuesday, August 5, and that Session meets on Tuesday, August 12 at 7 p.m.
Our training Session with Jeff Finch that was to be held on Saturday, August 2, has been postponed due to Jeff’s health problems. We will reschedule it for later in the fall!
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Our Youth in Action
A summer in the life of Grant Hunter
 As the summer slowly winds down I am starting to look back on all of the experiences and the good memories that I have gained from the activities that I have taken part in. From spending two weeks at a camp near Santa Fe all the way to summer band camp, this summer has, without a doubt, been a truly amazing, remarkable, and even an overwhelming adventure.
 My summer started out working at a leadership training course called National Youth Leadership Training. This training course is the best course for young men to learn how to overcome challenges that all leaders face. The Boy Scouts of America boast that this course is better than the type of courses that high paying CEOs pay thousands of dollars to go and learn the skills that the BSA teaches. Having the opportunity to help teach this course was certainly a privilege. I hope that we gave the tools to those individuals who took part in this course to help change not only themselves and their local units, but also the tools to help change their community and our nation. It was a very enjoyable two weeks in the mountains near Santa Fe, and I had an enjoyable time taking part in the 2008 National Youth Leadership Training course.
The main thing that took another two weeks out of my summer was my travels to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota. This year I took part in a program called the Order of the Arrow Wilderness Voyage. While at OAWV our crew, made up of nine people from throughout the country, worked on a portage landing at a place called Wind Bay. We sank a bunch of boulders in the ground to help people keep from sinking in the mud up to their knees, and to help them have an easier time portaging their canoe to the next lake. After a week of work our crew paddled about 150 miles in the upper part of the Boundary Waters. This program was really a lot of work, but I know that the portage trail that we worked on will be around for generations and generations. I felt that seven people who had never met before, who worked together as a team for that long of a time, did a pretty good job at building that landing, and they exemplified themselves in what Scouting and the Order of the Arrow stand for.
 My list of activities could fill up this entire newsletter, but I want to let each and every one of you know that the support of the congregation has been a major help to me. From purchasing popcorn, prayers for safe journeys, and your interest in my endeavors, you have all helped me grow as a person. Westminster Presbyterian Church has always been there for me, and I hope someday I can return all of those favors.  
Respectfully yours,
 Grant Hunter
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Editorial - Tithing
 This is not required reading. If mention of this subject bothers you, skip it, but please realize like I do, as one of our 85 or so WPC member households, that without substantial financial support, our church will cease to exist; as more than one has recently done in Roswell. Others, increasing numbers, are having difficulty paying their bills.
 There are many demands on our money in addition to those necessary to maintain a minimum reasonable living standard. (We should not have to subsist on beans & black bread, but we can easily live without rib eye or filet mignon.) I’ve been hearing that snail mail is passé, but there are enough entities wanting a share of our money that our mailboxes become daily receptacles for reading material we don’t want, including numerous requests for money. (Have you received enough return address labels to last at least two lifetimes as I have?)
Here is a question for you, the answer to which I think will surprise you. Assume there are 85 households in WPC, and that the sum of money in the church’s budget for 2008 is $ 170,000.00. If every household were to tithe, what average gross income for the 85 households would be required to cover the 2008 budget? If you would rather not try to figure out the answer, it appears on the outside cover of this edition of CHIMES.**
I think it is reasonable to assume that the annual income of all but a small handful of households in the church is far more than the answer to the question (Which, for a working person, would amount to $10/hr for a 40 hour work week for 50 weeks in a year.) I think the point I’m trying to make here is that the burden for supporting the church should be shared by each household, whose adult members should determine what their fair share should be (with my apologies to those who are praying for God’s help in paying for the bare necessities.)
On June 14, 1998; a preacher subbing for Karl told us the following story in his sermon which he titles “Joy”:
 A family of four didn’t’ go to church very often, but one Sunday decided they would attend. On their way home, the father complained that he didn’t like the service, that the sermon was much too long. The wife complained that the women in the congregation were too haughty, with their fine clothes. The son complained that he didn’t like the music, that it was not his kind of music at all. It was only the little girl who had a kind word for the service. She said, “It was good entertainment for a quarter.”
---Concerned Church Member
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Presbyterian Women Happenings
PW is taking a break until our first meeting in September, Sept. 8Th at 9:30 am in the Fellowship Hall. This will be a short business meeting and the introduction for the first lesson, and will be led by Mary Puckett and hosted by Connie Berckes. The CT Team met to plan our meetings for the upcoming 2008-2009 year. Thanks to Pauline, Dixie, Tracy, Kathleen and Patty for their input and suggestions. Our study for the year is “Jubilee: Luke’s Gospel for the Poor.” We will meet every month on the first Monday, except for Dec. 1st – when there is special tea with the Dexter PW. Our Sept meeting is moved because of Labor Day to Sept. 8th. The December meeting is a Christmas Brunch on December 8Th. The meeting on June 1st, will be a Spring Luncheon. 
The ladies are few in number, but as all women of the Church are invited; we hope to grow. Lesson books are now available. See Connie Berckes for yours or to order one. They are $ 6.75 for each magazine. 
At our CT meeting, we decided to continue with our 2 service projects:
  1). CASA Family
  2). Sale of PW fairly traded Coffee through Sierra Blanca Presbytery and the Hunger Project; planting Moringas – trees that provide a source of protein, potassium, calcium, iron and vitamins A, C, B1 and B2.
 Dixie Loy is our “Together in Service” chairperson. We are also continuing to provide the Bereavement bags of paper products and the “Fathers as Readers” programs along with the collection of the Campbell Soup and product UPC labels.
 Thanks to Pauline for her help with this project, and to Veva Byrd for the Bereavement bags, to Jane Berckes for Piece Makers and their quilt and layette projects, and to Dottie Berckes for her work with the inmates for the FAR project. 
2009 promises to be a busy year, as we also want to send 2 delegates to “Jubilee” in July of 2009,  the PW Churchwide Gathering in Louisville, Kentucky. Come and join us for a great study as we celebrate “Jubilee”. 
In his Love,
Connie Berckes,
PW Moderator.
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End-of-Summer Ice Cream Social August 17th
The Fellowship Committee will host an End-of-Summer Ice Cream Social featuring yummy treats, with our own Elizabeth Bennett as Guest Speaker!
Come at 6:00 p.m. to the Fellowship Hall to make your Sundaes and enjoy some fellowship time. Then at 6:45 p.m., Lizzie will tell us about her trip to El Salvador in June with the UNM International Medical Delegation. Find out about the public health education they did, and the school they helped to build. Learn how this experience has shaped Lizzie’s faith and plans for the future.
We hope to see you there! If you’d like to come, but needtransportation, just call the Church Office and let Tina know. 
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Update on Lindsay
 Lindsay Anne Wood has been very busy since spending the summer of 2004 with us. She graduated from Seminary the following summer and was ordained in October 2005. She then accepted a call to Gethsemane Presbyterian Church in Ft. Worth, which is a bilingual congregation. So she is using her gifts of ministry to them in Spanish also. 
She is now married to Andrew Wong. Andy is an ordained Presbyterian minister and is serving a church in Ft. Worth also. This past week, she had the privilege of being the key note speaker at Mo Ranch, for their Presbytery Youth Camp Conference. She sends greetings to her Westminster friends.

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Campbell’s Labels

  Just a reminder to those of you who collect Campbells (and others) labels to be given to Trinity United Methodist Day School: the portion that they now require to be turned in is the UPC code on the product. You may remove the labels, cut only the UPC off, bag them and bring them to the church. OR, if removing the labels is getting to be too much (as the UPC code is often on the seam and difficult to remove), you may simple rinse the containers well, bag them, and bring them to the church. They will be delivered to TUMDS, where the staff will remove the labels.
TUMDS is thrilled to receive these labels from us, and want to do everything possible to make it easy for you to keep collecting them. If you have other ideas, let Tracy know.
By the way, Trinity United Methodist Day School is now the oldest childcare facility in Roswell; they will celebrate their 50th anniversary this fall!
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Vacation Bible School
 We have been invited to participate in Trinity United Methodist Church’s Vacation Bible School.
Beach Party: Surfin’ through the Scriptures
 Dates: August 4 - 7, 2008
 Time: 3:00 – 6:00 p.m.
 Ages: 3 – 12 years
 Cost: FREE
Registration: Pick up a registration form at Westminster or at Trinity UMC.
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Blessing of the Backpacks
August 17
In mid-August, our public schools begin the new academic year. On August 17 in worship, we will have a “Blessing of the Backpacks” during the Children’s Time. If you have a school age child (daycare through high school), have them bring the backpack or book bag they use for  school, or the diaper bag they use for daycare. 
  Please keep in prayer all the teachers, school board members, administrators, and other personnel that work with our kids.  Also, please keep in prayer the children and their families especially those from among our congregation:
  Preschool:  Jacob Spencer-Brown (Trinity United Methodist Day School); Samantha and Julisa Duran (Tadpoles); Damien Turnbow (Tadpoles).
 Elementary:  Lee Perckett (Monterrey); Caleb Spencer-Brown (Washington Avenue); Tyler Tucker (Del Norte).
 Middle School;  Dakota Hiatt (Berrendo Middle School); Hannah Martinson (Sidney Gutierrez M.S.).
 High School:  Grant Hunter (Goddard H.S.); Chase Martinson (Goddard H.S.).
 College:  Liz Bennett (UNM); Travis Hanson (ENMUR); Ryan Hanson (NMSU); Vanessa Miranda (UNM); Annette Esquibel (Notre Dame); Hector Chaves (ENMUR); Lacey Dunlap Duran (ENMUR); Lisa Dunlap (ENMUR).

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Witness for Peace: 
In Commemoration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Friday, August 1, 2008:
 4:00 p.m. Mass for Peace Santa Maria de la Paz Church 11 College Ave, Santa Fe, NM
 An Evening with Sr. Helen Prejean 7:00 p.m., El Museo Cultural Center, Santa Fe, NM
Saturday, August  2, 2008:
 Annual Peace Vigil 2:00p.m. Ashley Pond, Los Alamos, NM
 Hiroshima Day Remembrance 4:00 p.m. with Sr. Prejean, Ashley Pond, Los Alamos, NM

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Unusual Calendar Dates
· August is”Happiness Happens” month.
· August 2 is the official anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and National Mustard Day.
· August 3 is National Friendship Day, and Sisters Day.
· August 5 is National Night Out.
· August 6 – anniversary of dropping of atom bomb on Hirishima/Nagasaki; Day for Peace
· August 7 – Date the Hatfield & McCoy Feud erupts.
· August 8 – official Happiness Happens Day – celebrate the 10th anniversary of the secret sociey of happy people.
· August 12 – in 1951 Isaac Singer received the patent on the sewing machine.
· August 13 – National Underware Day!
· August 14 – Navaho Code Talkers Day; VJ Day
· August 19 – National Aviation Day
· August 21 – Poet’s Day
· August 25 – Democratic National Convention begins
· August 26 – Women’s Equality Day
· August 28 – Feast of Saint Augustine
· August 31 – Pony Express Festival in Hanover, KS

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Volunteers Needed
 Roswell Home/Care and Hospice needs volunteers. Hospice provides care to terminally ill patients and their families. Volunteers work 2-4 hours per week as patient companions, who are part of the Treatment Team. You can get more information at:
Roswell Home/Care and Hospice
1107 South Main, 623-8000

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