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Westminster Chimes, August 2014 Westminster Chimes, August 2014

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Westminster Chimes, August 2014

Posted on Tue, Jul 29, 2014


From the Pastor


Joy to the World; Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee; “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.” Strong’s Concordance lists 88 verses in the King James version of the Bible that contain the word “glad” and over a hundred with the word “joy.” How many of our hymns have the word “joy” in the title or reference joy in the lyrics? And yet it seems that some Christians are missing out on the joy.


I was a member of the installation commission to install Steve Voris as pastor in Carlsbad. The sermon at that service was delivered by Rev. Dr. Frank Yates. He talked about joy, specifically the joy of being a pastor, and how there are those who don’t find the joy but put up a good front. And he quoted Shannon Webster, whom many of you know. Shannon used to say, “Less Eeyore, more Pooh.” You are probably familiar with the Winnie the Pooh stories. Pooh was the cheerful stuffed bear who always took things in stride, always looked on the bright side, always had a smile and a good word for everyone. Eeyore was the donkey who was just the opposite. It seemed as if dark clouds always followed him around. He always saw the negative in everything. For him, behind every silver lining there was a cloud.


The Good News of the Gospel is just that: Good News. And yet there are many Christians who don’t seem to get it. They always have a frown on their face. They are negative and judgmental. They find fault with everything. You may remember the statement a few years ago by the president of the Southern Baptist Convention that God does not hear the prayers of Jews. Television commentator Pat Robertson has said some very negative things over the years about anyone who does not share his view of Scripture. You are probably at least somewhat acquainted with the Westboro Baptist Organization (I will not call them a church) and their picketing of military funerals.


There is a crisis of faith in this country. Those who list their religious affiliation as “none” are the fastest growing group in the nation. I think at least part of that is due to the negative image prominent “Christian” personalities present of what Christians are like. Part of it also is due to the people in the pews who don’t seem to have the joy in their lives. Some Christians like to talk about all they are giving up in order to follow Christ. Some have a negative attitude toward anyone who does not believe as they do-not only toward non-Christians, but even toward Christians of a different denomination. Some Christians revel in judgment and neglect grace.


There is an organization called “The Fellowship of Merry Christians.” They publish a monthly newsletter with Christian humor, cartoons, and funny stories. One of the more popular items they sell is a postcard with a picture of Jesus, standing by the Sea of Galilee, laughing. You would be surprised how many people are offended by this postcard. “Jesus never laughed,” they say. Oh, really? Would people have followed Jesus if he moped around, pouted, and was just generally depressed and depressing?


I think Jesus probably had a wonderful sense of humor. We catch glimpses of it in some of his words recorded in Scripture. Think of the camel trying to pass through the eye of a needle. Think of the person with a big log in one eye beating one’s friend about the head and shoulders while trying to remove a speck from his/her eye. There are other instances where Jesus’ followers saw the humor in his words that we miss because we are not part of his time and his culture.


In fact, Jesus has the last laugh. Jesus knows how everything ends. The good guys win! Jesus has the last laugh on death and Hell and Satan and evil.


C. S. Lewis talked about the “joyful Christian.” Shouldn’t we all be joyful Christians? We have received the Good News, the greatest news in the history of creation. We know the greatest story ever told. We should live everyday full of the joy that comes from knowing we have received salvation, that Christ has claimed us for his own, that there is a dwelling place in the Heavenly Kingdom that has a room prepared for each one of us, and that death and Hell and Satan and all those things Paul lists can never take it away from us.


Instead of bemoaning the things of this world that we can’t do or shouldn’t do because we follow Christ, let us rejoice in those things we can do: joyfully proclaim Christ as Lord and Savior, joyfully minister to those around us, joyfully proclaim the Good News to all we meet. “Less Eeyore, more Pooh!” As I mentioned, Eeyore was the stuffed donkey. Be joyful, don’t be a jackass.


The Rev. Randy Nolen



NLPC Mission Team


Our quiet, sedate, older church took on the tone and feel of a livelier, younger, more invigorated facility for one fun-filled, praise-filled, God-filled week (July14-18) when North Liberty Presbyterian Church sponsored their mission team of twenty-nine souls to bring their Vacation Bible School message of Jesus Christ’s redemptive love to the children of the Boys and Girls Club of Roswell. Camp Iwaanaknow (about Jesus) was scripted by the team members during the year prior to their trip, and its activities, while having the usual daily schedule one might see in a regular camp setting, such as arts and crafts, snacks, outdoor play, and music, the team also provided the campers with a hot lunch each day and a trip to Bottomless Lakes one afternoon.


Their daily newsletter, Daily Alien, contained random facts and trivia about Roswell and New Mexico and also inspirational encouragement to the team members who were facing challenging encounters in administering their message of God’s love and compassion. In reading these newsletters and the blog that they designed by which to share their religious journey, I came to understand that this group of missionaries, as they deserve to be called, came not just to serve but also to be served by the rewards that come from reaching out to others. They came with their hearts open to blessings—blessings of new experiences, new friends, new tastes in music and food, new emotions. What a challenge for some of the younger members of their team, but what an opportunity for them to grow in the Word!


Westminster’s congregation aided by providing a wide variety of fruit for the snacks. Two members who were of great help in the kitchen or wherever needed were Phyllis Lester and Margaret Johnson. At least one of them was there each day. Other members “popped” in from time to time, but anytime we were there, the lovely people from North Liberty PC were warmly gracious. There was no doubt that they had the situation under control. They seemed to be at home in our church, using it as God intended: to love and feed the littlest amongst us.


It must be mentioned, that not only did they provide a VBS, but also they did some maintenance around the church and conducted a Bible Study for the first four evenings for anyone wanting to attend. Also, on Wednesday evening they conducted a 7 o’clock Praise Service. Their energy and congeniality seemed to know no bounds, leading me to believe that living the “righteous life” certainly does aid in productivity.


Knowing that they are back home in Grove City, PA, and able now to look back on their time in Roswell, we hope that they will know that we feel blessed to have had them visit us again this summer.


Ann Dye



Note Received…


A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25


Dear Members of Westminster Presbyterian Church,


The board of the Community Kitchen wishes to thank you for your generous support during the first half of 2014. Your donation is a blessing to those in need. The generosity of our community and beyond enables us to continue God’s work in feeding the hungry in Roswell. Thank you for your continuing support.


The Community Kitchen Board



Hungry Harold


Due to donations falling behind and the latest increases in price, meat donations have dropped to the Community Kitchen. Approximately 30 pounds of just hamburger meat is used weekly, and this doesn’t count the hotdogs, chicken, or other meats used.


Hungry Harold is asking this month for monetary donations to help out the Community Kitchen with this need. Donations can be made through Westminster Presbyterian Church marked Meat Donation, Hungry Harold, or Community Kitchen. As always, thank you for your help.



From the Choir Loft


Attention Singers and Bell Ringers!


The first choir rehearsal for next season will be on Wednesday, August 20 at 6:30 pm. While our first regular Sunday to sing at church service will be August 31, we need to sing through a lot of music and discard material we don’t want to use. We have some new and interesting material AND a Christmas Cantata to prepare!


The first Choir/Chimes rehearsal will be Wednesday, August 27, to prepare for service on the 31st at 4:00 pm. We will be using stands for the first time and need to get used to that.


Recruitment for singers and chimers never ends. If some of you in the congregation want to give it a try, come on over…and invite your friends!



Read all about it!


The following are new additions to our church library. Check with librarian Anne Gravel for their location.


1. A packet of stories entitled “Flying for Fun.” The risks and adventures of a former old, bold airplane pilot in single engine two seat and four seat airplanes, experienced by a man who prays with you every Sunday morning in our wonderful church. John Martinson enjoyed reading these stories.


2. Anecdotes from “My World War II Experiences.”


3. A DCD entitled, “Trains around North America: 17 Rail Journeys

(Editor’s Challenge: If you think that you know the identity of this man, place your guess in the secretary’s box in the office off the Narthex. The answer will be in next month’s Chimes.)



Ex Libris


If you have been looking for some light summer reading, your church library has a couple of collections that might be interesting or helpful or entertaining or thought-provoking.


One is entitled Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul—101 Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit, edited by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Patty Aubery, and Nancy Mitchell. These stories are written by #1 New York Times best-selling authors. They are heralded as “stories that will deepen your faith and expand your awareness of how to practice Christian values in your daily life—at home, at work and in the community. Your heart will open to the expression of Christ’s enduring love.” The authors are from all over the place, from Corrie ten Boom to Dick Van Dyke to Norman Vincent Peale to Dear Abby.


The other is from a series, The Best American Poetry, which has been published in September in various magazines since 1988. The one in our library is from 1998. It is edited by David Lehman, award-winning editor of several poetry collections and teacher of poetry at New York University. The guest editor for 1998 is John Hollander, author of books of poetry and editor of collections and Professor of English at Yale University. There are some 300 pages of poetry in this particular volume.


Here’s to reading and relaxation.  Check it out.


Ann the Librarian



Adult Christian Education


The adults have been and will continue to be involved for some time in the Bible study, The Story—the Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People. July was concentrated on Joshua, Judges, Ruth, and Saul; August will include Young David, King David, Solomon, and Kings. The class meets right after the Sunday morning coffee break and ends at noon. Everyone is invited to attend and be a part of the interesting discussions.



From Our Members


Dear Westminster Presbyterian Church,


On Sunday, July 20, 2014, Jerry and I were given the most wonderful gift but were not told who made the wonderful knit lap robes, one for Jerry and one for me. The lap robes even had our names on them. The lap robes will be used and loved. So we would love to thank the maker and tell the person who made it, how surprised we were. We do not know why someone went to all that work, but we will use them and feel the love that is stitched into each lap robe.




Jerry and Marcia Makowski



Property News


June – July 2014


1. Hired Lee Perkett to clean weeds and grass from Yucca beds.

2. Met with insurance adjuster and roofing contractor. No significant damage. Did get check for $571.

3. Had gas edger repaired.

4. Replaced door stopper on Sanctuary door.

5. Hired Lee to cut grass.

6. Thanks to Grant and Clay Pinkerton for replacing 6 of the light bulbs in the Fellowship hall and kitchen. The remaining ones will be replaced after we get ballasts.

7. Lee mowed the front and the hill out back next to the Church the first week.

8. Lee mowed the playground, front and west side the second week.


July - August 2014


1. Mission team sprayed parking lot and sealed skylight.

2. Lee completed third week of mowing.

3. Purchased new faucet w/sprayer for kitchen.

4. John Martinson has applied more roof sealant. Hopefully this will stop the leak.



The best use of life is to invest in something that will outlive life.

Remember Westminster in your will.



August Liturgists


August 3 - Ann Dye

August 10 - Julia Esquibel

August 17 - Anne Gravel

August 24 - Margy Dye

August 31 - Dorinne Lykins



Mark Your Calendars!



  • August 2, 8am. Men’s Breakfast

  • August 3. Communion Sunday

  • August 7, 9:00am. Comm. Kitchen

  • August 9, 8am. Men’s Breakfast

  • August 10, 11am. Session Meeting

  • August 15. CHIMES Deadline

  • August 16, 8am. Men’s Breakfast

  • August 17, 10:45am. Evangelism & Concern Committee Meeting

  • August 21, 9am. Comm. Kitchen

  • August 23, 8am. Men’s Breakfast

  • August 24. Cents-Ability Collection

  • August 25, 9am. Piece Maker’s Day

  • August 25, 11am. Mission & Stewardship Committee Meeting

  • August 27, 6:30pm. Choir Practice

  • August 28m 5pm. CASA

  • August 30, 8am. Men’s Breakfast

  • August 31. Food Drive



Worship Attendance


June 26 - N/A

July 6 - 62

July 13 - 75

July 20 - N/A

July 27 - 51



Westminster Chimes

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Contributions are kindly requested by the third Friday of each month.


Editor Ann Dye



August Ushers


Fran Beason, Lee Straley, Fabie Skaggs, Marno Talbott





Stacye Hunter

Tony Merz

Ray Lewis

Lionel Weightman

Mary Puckett

Ann Dye

Barbara Patterson

Chase Martinson

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