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Westminster Chimes, July 2010 Westminster Chimes, July 2010

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Westminster Chimes, July 2010

Posted on Thu, Jul 1, 2010


From the Pastor


I belong to an electric cooperative back on the eastern shore of Virginia where I have my summer home. Last week I was reading an article in our monthly news magazine in which the writer was bemoaning the way virtual reality seems to be replacing actual reality in the way we communicate with each other. Specifically, she was referring to friends on Facebook who report to each other about how their crops are growing or the number of eggs their hens have laid, or how many head of cattle they have amassed before going to market. Now, for those of you who are not Facebook subscribers, understand this is all a game played by people who may have never tended a garden and think of cattle in terms of a quarter pounder at McDonald's, and the whole exercise is for their own pure amusement.

The writer's point was this form of "virtual" entertainment is being pursued by millions of people at the expense of actually talking to real people about real things that really matter in their lives. Why make things up just because you have the technology to do so when there are other more interesting things to discuss and learn about each other- preferably in person, or at least in a "real" phone conversation?

Personal disclaimer here- I belong to Facebook, even though I don't know how it works very well, and I use it accordingly. I was persuaded to join it some months back by my best friend's wife and when I do go online with it I wonder why most of the people who are my "friends" don't just call me if they have something to say...

That's my point here. Communication seems to have become the most intricate and consuming task that we try to manage nowadays. We want to be clear and concise and we want to make our point as fast as possible. To do that we have harnessed and even mastered technology that was unheard of even ten years ago. But, I think we have done it at the cost of having TMI (too much information) available–most of which we don't need–and at the cost of being skilled and at ease with sharing our true (real) feeling of care and affection with each other. As I understand it, that is what relationships are actually about–to love and care for one another.

I learned that, not on Facebook or in cyberspace. I learned that in Sunday School and from the Bible, and I try to keep it in mind when I am in, or out of church.

To me, that is real reality...


Now Hiring


Santa Fe and Sierra Blanca Presbyteries are now in the process of filling the two positions which will complete our new staffing plan:  an Associate Stated Clerk/Office Manager to be located in the Roswell office, and an Administrative Assistant to be located in the Santa Fe office.  Deadline to apply is July 15; interviews will begin the first week of August.  Please submit resumes to the attention of Sharon Yates,

Presbyterian Women


Presbyterian Women (PW) held our June meeting on the 7th at 11:30. We had lunch, a business meeting, and installed new officers:

Moderator:Goldene Mondragon

Vice Moderator: Patty Voorhees

Secretary: Ruth Eimer

Treasurer: Dorothy Straley

Together-in-Service: Peggy Stokes

Nominating: Veva Byrd, Goldene Mondragon, Dorothy Straley


We then went on a tour of Presbyterian Outreach and then to the new Women's Rivers of Life Refuge.


There will be no meeting in July and August. We voted to try a different date beginning in September. PW will be meeting on the 2nd Monday of each month but at the same time (9:30). We hope this will enable more women to attend.

God's Blessings,

Goldene Mondragon

Outgoing Worship Committee Members


Thank you to everyone who has been so helpful to the Worship Committee. It is such a good feeling to know that our members will always be available for whatever task needs doing. Also, my thanks to Pauline Blossom, Phyllis Lester, Ann Dye and Patty Voorhees. It was a hardworking group!


Larry Loy has taken over the reins as new chairman of the Worship Committee. I know you all will work as hard with him as you did with me.

Marno Talbott

Ex Libris


If you would like to read something informative, inspiring, and entertaining all at once, your librarian has a favorite author for you—C. S. Lewis. Unfortunately, the library doesn’t have all of his wonderful books, but we do have a smattering. Following is a list of the books on our shelves. This writer was “tough-minded, witty, astringent, lucid, appealing,” unmatched!


One of the most famous is probably Mere Christianity, a combination of three books: The Case for Christianity, Christian Behavior, and Beyond Personality, first given on the radio. A reviewer says, “…there is a warmth, an earnestness and a sincerity…which is very persuasive.  Dewey Decimal – 230.


Christian Reflections deals with different subjects: Christianity and literature, culture, ethics, church music, etc. (230) The World’s Last Night explores the questions of relevance of Christian religion to the scientific age. (261.5) Reflections on the Psalms deals with their meanings, style, and relevance. A Grief Observed  is about his beloved, referred to in the book as “H.” (242.4). Another is The Weight of Glory and Other Addresses (230).


And my all-time favorite, The Screwtape Letters, a hilarious correspondence between the Devil and his earthly henchman. There is also a collection, The Best of C.S. Lewis—five books in one volume, The Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce, Miracles, The Case For Christianity, and Christian Behavior. (230).


Check it out!


Anne the Librarian

Property Repairs


On May 28th Dr. Cole was told by PNM that a gas leak was suspected due to usage of gas at church. Dr. Cole contacted me and spoke to gas person from PNM and was told they would turn the main valve off to gas; and I would need to contact a plumber to repair leak.


Since the 28th was the beginning of Memorial Day week-end, I had to wait until June 1, 2010, to contact Mr. Redden. He came out to check for leak and determined that we had a leak on the church side of the meter so we needed to replace the line. He quoted $6223.12 which will be taken from the facility reserve.


This repair has to be done! We are just thankful that this didn't occur when the temperatures were in the mid gas yard line with new poly gas pipe teens. God does work in mysterious ways.


The plumber will replace the existing as well as test and permit the work. He will cut and patch asphalt with cold mix and repair cut sprinkler lines (if any). His work does not include any repair or leak, if any, inside the building. It includes outside piping only.


We would like to replenish these funds so any contributions noted "facility reserve" would be appreciated.

Phil Zollars

Property Chair

Communications Committee


Your chair would like to express thanks for those who served on the Communications Committee during 2009-2010 (Fran Beason, the late Robert Blossom, John Hoover, Larry Loy and Tom Johnson-webmaster). Special thanks go to the late Robert Blossom who saw the compilation of the 2009-2010 Annual Report to its completion.


This year's committee consists of Fran Beason, Phyllis Lester, and Tom Johnson. Please keep in touch with your committee regarding events and meetings for the website as well as for the Chimes calendar. This committee is also the liaison regarding advertising.


Margaret Johnson


Memorial Gifts


Thanks to the following members and friends who gave memorial gifts to Westminster this past month: 


Robert Allen, Fran Beason, Bill & Connie Berckes, Margie Boles, Bill & Peg Briney, Veva Byrd, Joyce Chapman, Sharon Cutrell, Dorcas Damron, Robert des Bien, Elsie DeWolf, Ruth Eimer, Charles & Margo Fullinwider, Betty & Westy Hanson, John & Dorothy Herring, Tom & Margaret Johnson, Phyllis Lester, Carol & Wayne Loomis, Dixie & Larry Loy, Dorinne Lykins, Don & Joyce Manke, Jim & Laverne Monteith, Harriet Pinkerton, Shirley Power, Hugh & Mary Puckett, Roswell Genealogical Society, Edith Rottman, Ruth Sherman, Peg Stokes, Lee & Dorothy Straley, MarnoTalbott, Wilma Williams

2009-2010 Annual Report Correction


Please make the following correction to your 2009-2010 Annual Report. Under "Balance Sheet" which is the 7th page from end of report and in the column for year 2005, the Total Liabilities should be corrected to read $201,016.  It is incorrectly shown as $201,106. Other figures are correct. Sorry for the error.

Dorothy Straley


In Memoriam


Sympathy is extended to the family of Dorothy Dye who passed away on June 9. Services were held here at Westminster on Saturday, June 18, at 2 p.m. and officiated by her nephew, the Rev. Steve Long, of Albuquerque.



At the called congregational meeting on June 27, all five of nominees presented were elected to serve on your Pastoral Nominating Committee: Larry Loy (chair), Fran Beason, Phyllis Lester, Ray Mitchem and Kathleen Sherman.


Hungry Harold


Hungry Harold is still hungry and would appreciate jello, canned fruit and instant potatoes (the same as last month). Many are able to be fed with your generosity.

The best use of life is to invest in something that will outlive life. Remember Westminster in your will.

Mark Your Calendars!



  • July 1, 9:30a, Community Kitchen

  • July 4, 9:30a, Communion Sunday

  • July 6, 7:00p, Property Committee

  • July 12: 2:00p, Mission & Stwship

  • July 13, Reminder: No Session Mtg

  • July 15, 9:30p, Community Kitchen

  • July 25, Cents-Ability

  • July 26, 9:00a, Piece Makers

  • July 29, 9:30a, Community Kitchen

Worship Attendance


June 6………………………..56

June 13….………………….. 65

June 20………………………51

June 27………………………56

July Ushers


July 4 & 11: Russ & Loris DeKay, Wilma Williams & Phyllis Lester

July 18 & 25: Phyllis Lester, Wilma Williams, Phil & Aurora Zollars


Westminster Chimes

is published monthly by

Westminster Presbyterian Church

(575) 622-2801 phone

church office email:

pastor's email: Dr. Harry Cole:


Pastor’s office hours:


9 am - Noon

Admin. Asst. office hours:

Monday - Friday:

8:00 – 1:00

Contributions are kindly requested by the third Friday of each month.

Editor Margaret Johnson

Editorial Consultant Veva Byrd

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