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Westminster Chimes, June 2013 Westminster Chimes, June 2013

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Westminster Chimes, June 2013

Posted on Wed, May 29, 2013

From the Pastor


I can’t remember if I shared this last summer or not, but since summer is the time for re-runs, I’ll share it again.


2013th Psalm


Recreation is my shepherd, I shall not stay home.

It maketh me to lie down in a sleeping bag;

It leadeth me down the interstate each weekend.

It restoreth my suntan; it leadeth me to state parks for comfort's sake.

Even though I stray on the Lord's Day, I will fear no reprimand, for I am relaxed.

My rod and my reel they comfort me.

I anoint my skin with oil, my gas tank runneth dry;

Surely my trailer shall follow me all the weekends of the summer,

And I will return to the house of the Lord this fall.

But by then it will be hunting season, and that's another psalm.


--Zion Evangelical Congregational Church, Mohnton, PA via The Presbyterian Pipeline, First Presbyterian Church, Antrim, NH


Summer is here, a time when many people take well-deserved vacations. The concept of the Sabbath is based on the fact that people need time away from their chores occasionally. Even Jesus felt the need to get away from the crowds occasionally for some time of renewal. Fortunately, He had several friends who owned boats, and were always willing to give Him a ride in them.


One thing we should not do is to take a vacation from God. God never takes a vacation from us. Wherever you may go this summer, unless you are vacationing on the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean or in the wilds of Alaska accessible only by unscheduled bush airline, there will be a church near you. It may be Presbyterian; it may not. Join the folks there for worship anyway. It’s always interesting to see how other people do things, and refreshing the spirit is as important as refreshing the body.


You might be surprised at the worship opportunities available where you are vacationing. One of the most inspiring services I ever attended was a non-denominational service beside a lake at the foot of a mountain at the outskirts of Yellowstone Park, led by a National Park Service chaplain.


One thing that does not take a vacation, of course, is church expenses. Summers traditionally give church treasurers gray hairs. People go on vacation and take their wallets with them. But the gas, electric, water, and phone companies never sleep and never take a vacation, and rightly so, because people rely on them for these services. And they rely on us to pay them what they are owed. If you pledge, could you consider ensuring that your pledge for the period you will be gone is paid before you go on vacation? If you are on the pay-as-you-go plan, would you give some thought to paying a couple of weeks ahead?


Unlike many smaller congregations, we are not living hand-to-mouth: we do have some reserves and an endowment fund, so we won’t have to lock the doors and turn out the lights if we don’t get your offering for a couple of weeks, but it makes Dorinne’s and Dorothy’s and the Session’s lives much easier if we don’t arrive in September with 3/4 of the year gone, 3/4 of the budget spent, and only ½ of the budget collected.


Wherever you go and whatever you do, I pray that you will be safe, that you will enjoy your time, and that you return refreshed and renewed. God bless you all.


Rev. Randy Nolen



PW Happenings


Our next meeting will be the Summer Luncheon on June 10, at 11:30 am. We will be installing officers for the new fiscal year. Dorinne Lykins will be catering the luncheon. Hope to see you there.


God’s Blessings,

Goldene Mondragon

PW Moderator



Hungry Harold


It’s that time again to help out Hungry Harold. He says for June 2013, he is in need of Kool-Aid along with Pinto Beans and Pasta. He gives thanks for the many blessings he has received from members and friends of Westminster Presbyterian Church.


We collected and delivered the following to Community Kitchen in April 2013:


 (12) 4 lb. cans Powdered Mix Drink

 25 lbs. pasta

 8.5 lb. instant potatoes

 2 lb. rice

 29 lb. dried pinto beans

 (3) 16 oz canned vegetables

 (1) 6 oz pkg Jello 



Worship Attendance


April 21 -- 61

April 28 -- 53

May 5 -- 61

May 12 -- N/A

May 19 -- 53






 PWP SB Tries New Ways of 2013 Gathering(s):


It is a new year and PWP began providing a MINUTE FOR Mission at January’s Presbytery meeting (FPC-Alamo.). In March on perhaps the windiest day of the year, we built with Habitat for Humanity of Hobbs, NM.


PW-First Alamogordo (Central cluster) hosted a community event on April 7, 2013, to bring awareness about “Human Trafficking. This was PWPSB’s first education event for 2013. Special thanks to keynote speaker Elder Joan Fenton (Phoenix AZ) for an excellent program. Following the presentation a reception was held in the fellowship hall with open discussion with local law enforcement, members, and friends of Alamogordo First. 


PW – Carlsbad (Southeast cluster) hosted the Annual Gathering with the April 26-27, 2013 Presbytery meeting.

PWP was delighted to open the annual gathering with Saturday morning worship service for the April Presbytery of Sierra Blanca meeting at 8:00 a.m. The meditation, “Becoming & Being a Beloved Community” was presented by PWP.


PWP adjourned to the parlor and called their annual meeting to order. Introductions and business were conducted. Discussion on new vision for PWP and the upcoming events in PSB and PW’s role in its future. 


Packets with printed materials were provided for PW PSB congregations, unable to attend this time and to save on postage were sent with the congregation Clerk or Teaching Elder for hand delivery.


A variety of Mission projects were represented: Menaul School, Presbyterian World Mission (Rev. and Mrs. Leith Fujii of Bangkok), and Carlsbad’s ESA “Hunger Packs.” Offering dedications were presented to Elder Conrad Rocha, board member of Menual School and to Ms. Carol Worley, Coordinator of ESA’s food for hungry children project.


Delicious food and fantastic fellowship were shared by PWP and many of our welcome “drop-in” guests. The meeting concluded at 2:00 pm with an interesting presentation by Leith & Carol Fujii of Bangkok Institute of Theology. Their mission work continues and they will be returning to our area in 2015. 


2013 Minutes and other reports will be mailed or e-mailed to PWP congregations by September 2013. 


Everyone was encouraged to attend the PWSSW triennial gathering to be held in Albuquerque Nov 8-10, 2013. WP will be planning our next meeting to be held in Clovis (Northeast cluster) in the fall. Announcement to be made in August


Also women in the church ministry in Las Cruces (West cluster) are in the process of organizing their second education seminar in early 2014. Have a great summer. 


In our Lord’s Service,

Dixie Loy

PWP Moderator





It takes many hearts and hands to bring Horizons Bible studies to life. From the Bible study committee that chooses a theme one year and author the next, to those who work from committee and editorial guidance to create an outline and draft, to field testers who give the draft study a trial run—Presbyterian women make the study their own. Would you like to bring your heart and hands to the task?


 Field testing will take place between August and December 2013. Groups receive a draft of the study and evaluation forms to complete as they make their way through each lesson. All evaluation forms are sent to the Bible study author who uses feedback to edit and rewrite her work.


 Anita Kitts, a favorite Horizons writer, will author the 2015–2016 study on the theme of water. PW circles, Bible study groups and coordinating teams have all made excellent field testing groups. What about your group?


Apply today! Contact Betsy Ensign-George, 502.569.5366, or download an application from





“Dispatches to God’s Household: the General Epistles,” was awarded the ACP Best in class award and the Award Excellence in the Bible. 


ACP (Associated Church Press),the oldest Christian press association in North America




PW – Together in Service (TIS)


PW-Westminster has an ongoing TIS project—“Layettes for New Mothers.”


We have the items here, ready to assemble into bags inside the Choir room. The bags are then delivered to the Maternal Health Clinic of Roswell.


We will do the next Layettes in July on Friday the 19th at 9:30 am. You are invited to join us in the joy of this project. Contact Peggy Stokes or Dixie Loy for more information.



Fellowship Going-Ons


The Mother's Day potluck was a success. We had 26 in attendance. There was plenty of room and food for more. The attendees had fun with quizzes provided by Barbara McNallen and were pretty well stumped by the photographs of daughters and moms. 


 Our next potluck will be on Father's Day, June 16th at 11:00 a.m. Since the photographs were a big hit, we are going to do it with the gentlemen also. So start digging through your closets and photo albums for good pictures of yourself and your father.


There will be no potluck in July or August. We will have the information on our September "Pic-a-nic in the Park" in the August Chimes. 


Thank you for signing the Coffee Host list. It has helped a lot. We all miss Marno a lot. Fellowship Committee is not the same without her. All our prayers are with you, Marno!


Respectfully submitted,


Julia A. Esquibel, Chair



Property News


I would like to take this time to thank the following, who gave up their Saturday morning to pride up the church: Barbara McNallen, Margaret Johnson, Phyllis Lester, Ray Lewis, Don Manke, Al and Ann Dye, Lee and Dorothy Straley, Bill and Connie Berckes, Joe and Goldene Mondragon and Pastor Nolen.


We were able to oil all the pews, clean the kitchens, rake and dispose of the leaves, etc. on the west side of the church (400 pounds). Mow the grass and pull grass and weeds from the yucca beds.


Also this month:


Trimmed bushes West side of building.


Ordered new belt for lawn mower and installed it.


Repaired faucet in fellowship kitchen.


Set ant traps in fellowship hall.


Re-stocked paper towels.


Picked up soap and cleaning stuff for kitchen.



Projects in the Works


Repair sprinkler system on the west side.

Patch cracks in Men’s bathroom, handicapped bathroom and several other walls.

Paint outside beams (scheduled for July)

Patch crack in fellowship hall wall near entrance.

Re-attach water line to water back Pecan tree

Sweep out electrical room and re-hang breaker cover

Spread weed and feed.

Spray again, parking lot and weed whack dead weeds

Get new speakers and wiring for the narthex.


Anyone wanting to take on one or more of these projects, feel free to do so.


Bill Berckes

Property Chairperson



Church Pride Day!


Westminster celebrated “Pride Day”, May 4, 2013, with fourteen people rolling up their sleeves and getting “dirty”, all in the name of cleanliness. It had been over a year since the pews in the sanctuary had been oiled and polished, and to do this all of the pillows had to removed and then replaced. What a job! It was the women who did this work, and we found it to be back breaking work. Even the kitchens were cleaned. Not to be outdone, the men cleaned up the outside, mowing, trimming, weeding, blowing off the sidewalk and even the road itself. We were tired but pleased to have done this for the church and its members.


 To give us the energy to work so hard, Bill Berckes served a hearty breakfast of juice, sausage, and his famous, made-from-scratch pancakes and coffee. The only ingredient missing was the attendance of more people. Bill had hoped that more members would show up to get our church spring cleaned, but there was too much competition out in the community with a car show, balloon liftoffs, festival at Cielo Grande Park—each one a distraction to the work day planned.


The Property committee, headed by Bill, has the mammoth job of keeping the building and outside property in good shape, but he needs each of us to help in this endeavor. For example, if there is a minor repair that can be done by you or a friend without calling on Bill, why not just do it yourself? Obviously, some of the repairs will best be left for Bill to examine and decide on whom he might have to call to get estimates and proceed with the repair itself. Bill is a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy and he doesn’t mind doing what he can, but we members need to accept that this is a communal building and it takes us working together to keep it in good shape.


There was brief discussion in session about our asking youth in our community, from schools and clubs, who might be in a fund-raising mode and would be willing to help us do some of more strenuous work that our older bodies really shouldn’t be doing anymore. We even questioned whether the congregation would be willing to contribute money to pay for these jobs. Give us some feedback on any suggestions you have to help us continue to keep the pride that we have in our beautiful facility and how we can continue with its upkeep.


Ann Dye



Oklahoma Disaster Relief Assistance


Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is at work and responding with One Great Hour of Sharing funds, and with members of the National Response Team, to the devastating tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma.


While your gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing are already working at the disaster site, additional funds can be given—just mark your check "OGHS Moore" and put in the collection plate, the Treasurer's box, or mail to us at 2801 W 4th, Roswell, 88201. You can go on line to and click on PDA to learn more about the work of your church in this disaster.



From the Choir Loft


You will have noticed some new faces in the choir. The face you have seen since last winter belongs to Sandy MacCartney, a friend of Veloy. The very young face belongs to Lauren Amos, also a friend of Veloy. Lauren has been singing with the Enchanters for more than two years, and finds the choir “Fun.” The newest face belongs to Sharon Berry, a recent transplant from Tucson. She found us!! It goes without saying, we are happy to have these ladies in the choir.


While the choir season ends this month, we will continue to get together on the first and third Wednesday of each month to continue our exploration of the music in the files. Anyone who would like to sing along with us will be welcome and would not constitute a commitment to be a choir member next year.


Veloy Millett

Choir Director



Volunteers Wanted


If you are able and interested in filling in the Church’s front office when necessary, please contact Harriet Pinkerton, at 622-3767 with the following information:



Contact Information:

Computer Knowledge and/or Other skills:


Answer Phones only:



Commissioner’s Report


The First Presbyterian Church of Carlsbad, NM, was the meeting site for the Presbytery of Sierra Blanca on April 26-27. Attending from Westminster were Rev. Randy Nolen, our Pastor, Moderator of the Presbytery Larry Loy, Moderator of Presbyterian Women Dixie Loy, Elder and Commissioner Ann Dye, and Ruling Elder and Pastor of the Spanish congregation held at Westminster Adam Soliz.


Around four o’clock, the business meeting opened with prayer by Larry Loy. Promptly at 5:00 pm dinner was served by the host church, followed by another business session prior to the Worship Service with the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper at 7:00 pm.


The bell choir of the host church performed, and one could readily see why they have received the praise they have. They’re good! After a short break, the business session resumed until around nine pm. It is amazing to me how much is accomplished when people listen to one another and vote quickly on issues that are on the agenda. Larry runs a very efficient meeting!


Saturday morning opened with an eight o’clock Worship Service led by the Presbytery of Sierra Blanca Presbyterian Women. Dixie Loy, Moderator, led the inspiring service, which was then followed by the business meeting. One of the first actions taken was the examination and approval of a candidate for ministry, Lucus Keppel. He will be part time minister for Ancho and Corona, and his ordination will take place in Detroit Presbytery, his home church location. This was one of the more delightful actions taken because Lucus is such a fine young man, who gave a very original and heartfelt statement of his faith.


The Missouri Property Task Force reported that the church property located at 300 N Missouri has been sold. Paula Grieves was realtor for this property, which is in need of repair, and this will be done by the new property owners. It was passed that Westminster Clovis be allowed to sell the vacant lot behind the church and, if necessary, the 60 foot egress since the lot is land locked.


The Presbytery has been partnering with two missionaries to Thailand, who were on leave to visit various churches stateside. Leith and Carol Fujii presented a video of the work they do with young people from some of the smaller villages outside Bangkok. This couple was filled with the mission spirit, and one could see that the young people there had been infected by their enthusiasm.


 Harold Armstrong has resigned as Stated Clerk and will be replaced with Hugh Burroughs, retired minister of First Presbyterian of Roswell, for six months, after which time the Presbytery will have to hire another Stated Clerk. We are very fortunate to have a little “breathing room” provided by Rev. Burroughs’ meeting the Lord’s call, and we pray that another person will feel called to fill this position on a more permanent basis.


Ann Dye



Liturgists for June


June 2 - Goldene Mondragon

June 9 - Julia Esquibel

June 16 - Dorothy Straley

June 23 - Bill Briney

June 30 - Loris DeKay



Family News


Annette Esquibel will be finished with her Teach for America commitment on May 31. We will head over to Pine Bluff on June 1st. to help move her stuff here. After helping the Teach for America program in Pine Bluff by showing the newcomers around, she will head to Roswell on June 10th. Then she will fly to Chicago around June 20th to work for Teach for America by helping to instruct and guide their new teachers for the Chicago program. 


She will come home from Chicago the third week of August. Then, hooray, we will have her here until the middle of September when she has to move into her room at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. We are so proud of her being accepted as a Master's candidate at Stanford University with a degree in Environmental Anthropology. We are all excited and proud of her hard work.


Harriet Pinkerton is proud to announce her grandson, Clay Pinkerton, has graduated from NMMI Junior College with an Associate of Science Degree. He plans on attending a 4-year college in the fall.



The best use of life is to invest in something that will outlive life.

Remember Westminster in your will.



Mark Your Calendars!



  • June 1, 8:00 am. Prayer Breakfast

  • June 2. Communion Sunday

  • June 6, 5:00 pm. CASA

  • June 7, 3:00 pm. Worship Committee

  • June 8, 8:00 am. Prayer Breakfast

  • June 9, 11:00 am. Session Meeting

  • June 10, 11:00 am. PW Luncheon

  • June 13, 9:30 am. Comm. Kitchen

  • June 13, 5:00 pm. CASA

  • June 14, CHIMES Deadline

  • June 15, 8:00 am. Prayer Breakfast

  • June 16, 10:45 am. Evangelism & Concern Committee

  • June 16, 11:00 am. Father’s Day Potluck Luncheon

  • June 20, 5:00 pm. CASA

  • June 22, 8:00 am. Prayer Breakfast

  • June 23. Cents-Ability Collection

  • June 24, 9:00 am. Piece Maker’s Day

  • June 27, 9:30 am. Comm. Kitchen

  • June 29, 8:00 am. Prayer Breakfast

  • June 30. Community Kitchen Food Collection Day



Westminster Chimes

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Westminster Presbyterian Church

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Pastor’s office hours:

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And by Appointment


Admin. Asst. office hours:

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Contributions are kindly requested by the third Friday of each month.


Editor Ann Dye

Consulting Editor Veva Byrd



June Ushers


Tom Johnson, Phyllis Lester,

Barbara McNallen, Phil Zollars





Dixie Loy

Margy Dye

Bill Briney

Aurora Zollars

Ray Mitcham

Marno Talbott

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