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Westminster Chimes, May 2013 Westminster Chimes, May 2013

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Westminster Chimes, May 2013

Posted on Wed, Apr 24, 2013

From the Pastor


You know, in some ways, firefighters, EMTs and paramedics, and police officers are strange people. They don’t do what you would expect them to do. When a building catches fire, the natural instinct is to run out. Firefighters rush in. When confronted by pain, blood, and gore, the natural instinct is to avert our eyes and pass by quickly on the other side. Paramedics and EMTs rush in. When the plane crashed into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, burning jet fuel, falling pieces of building, and people screaming in pain were everywhere. Fire-fighters, paramedics, and EMTs rushed in. There was a danger that other parts of the building would fall on them, but still they rushed in.


When the planes hit the towers of the World Trade Center, 10,000 people were trying to get down the stairs and elevators and out of the building. The firefighters rushed into the building and up those stairs. People who study these things say that a New York City firefighter with a full load of gear can climb one flight of stairs in one minute. The planes impacted around the 90th floor. Knowing they were facing an hour and a half of climbing stairs against the flow of panicked people inside a towering inferno, they rushed in. And when the walls came down, more than 300 of them lost their lives.


Outside, burning pieces of airplane, chunks of the building, and even desperate people were falling to the ground, yet the ambulance crews rushed into that chaos, to be in position to care for the injured. When the walls came down and that great cloud of gypsum dust rolled down the streets as people ran for their lives, the paramedics and EMTs stood their ground as the cloud engulfed them, treating those with scratched eyes, bruises, and those who were choking as they suffered scratched eyes and bruises, and were choking themselves.


In the weeks and months that followed, fire and emergency service personnel from all over the nation rushed to Ground Zero to attempt to rescue those buried in the rubble, and, when it became clear that there would be no more survivors, to dig out the bodies, so that their families could have some sense of closure. It was backbreaking and grisly work. Yet they rushed in.


One of the iconic pictures of the Boston Marathon bombing is the picture of the 78-year-old runner who was knocked off his feet by the explosion surrounded by Boston police officers. While everyone else is running from the scene, the police are rushing into the chaos to protect those at the scene. While the citizens of Watertown, Massachusetts, locked themselves behind closed doors, police officers roamed the streets looking for an armed and dangerous suspect.


A video of the bombing that will be long remembered shows dozens of police, EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, and other medical personnel rushing toward the bombing site with gurneys, wheelchairs, backboards, and medical supplies while everyone else runs away.


In West, Texas, firefighters -- volunteers all -- knew that the chemicals in the burning fertilizer plant were the same ones that were used in the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing, but rather than flee the scene, they continued to fight the fire and to evacuate those in the homes and nursing home nearby. When the plant exploded, 14 people were killed, most of them first responders. What the police, fire, and emergency medical workers did during these disasters are what they do every day on a smaller scale. The burning homes or businesses are no less hot or frightening just because they are not a towering inferno. The broken victim of a car crash on highway 390 is in no less pain than the person crushed inside the Pentagon.


Jesus said that no one has greater love than the one who lays down his life for his fellow man. EMTs, paramedics, police officers, and firefighters put their lives on the line every day, and sometimes they lose them, for people who not only are not necessarily their friends, but whom they do not even know. There is a song which says, “Fools rush in where wise men dare not go.” So do firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs -- not because they are fools, for they most assuredly are not – but because they are incredibly dedicated, incredibly selfless, and incredibly courageous.


There are no words adequate to express our appreciation for them, and no words adequate to thank God for them. But let us try. Say a prayer of gratitude for our emergency workers and police officers, and for their safety, both here in Roswell, and throughout the nation. And the next time you see a firefighter, police officer, or EMS worker, thank them for their service.


Rev. Randy Nolen



Hungry Harold


It’s that time once again; time to help out Hungry Harold. He says for May 2013, he is again in need of Kool-Aid and/or Drink Mixes, Pastas, Macaroni and Dried Pinto Beans. He gives thanks to members and friends of Westminster Presbyterian Church, and wants them to know, that with their blessings, they have provided enough napkins and paper towels to keep the Community Kitchen supplied for the next 3 months!


He reported that in March, Westminster delivered to the Community Kitchen:


8 large cans powdered drink mix

12 lbs. pasta

2 lbs. instant potatoes

3 lbs. rice

30 lbs. pinto beans

76 rolls paper towels

13 pkgs. Napkins



PW Happenings


Our next meeting is on May 13, at 9:30 am. We will be studying Lesson #9, “Brothers and Sisters in Harmony.” Our lesson leader will be Marilyn Nolen and our hostesses will be Marilyn Nolen and Margaret Johnson. We will use this meeting to elect new officers for the upcoming terms. Our Luncheon in June will see the installation of these officers. Hope to see you there.


God’s Blessings,

Goldene Mondragon

PW Moderator



Adult Christian Education


 The adult class, directed by Dixie Loy, meets every Sunday morning, unless there is a potluck, at 10:45. In March and April we have been exploring the Christian voice of a classic author in the book by Gary L. Colledge, God and Charles Dickens. We have looked at Dickens as Theologian, Resurrectionist, learning about and discussing his views on God, Jesus, and Christianity in general. We have enjoyed the movie, Oliver. In the future we will be reviewing his attitude to the church of his century and what it means to one in the 21st Century, leading up to the final chapter “Reading (and Hearing) Dickens.” There are several Dickens books in the library for checking out.

 All adults are welcomed. You don’t need to have been involved in the earlier discussions to take part in the ongoing ones.





The annual CROP walk is this coming Sunday, April 28, 2013, starting at 2 pm at First United Methodist Church.


Our church is once again the turn-around point, and we could use donations of water, cookies and oranges for the walkers.



In Thanks


To the members of Westminster Presbyterian Church,


We wanted to extend our thanks for allowing us to use your parking lot during our event. We really appreciate it.



Champion Motorsports



Property News


Pride Day Projects will be held on Saturday, May 4, at 9:00 am. There will be a pancake breakfast that morning at 7:45 am. Please come and help beautify the church!


Property also did these in the month of April:


1. Toilet in fellowship hall repaired


2. Light bulbs on outside replaced


3. Door lock to office fixed


4. Scrap lumber in electric room removed


5. Flags moved from Narthex to front of church


6. Fixed toilet in handicapped bathroom

7. Turned on sprinkler system. Programmed for M, W, F, Sun


8. Repaired gas grill in fellowship hall



Family News


Lee Perkett has left for New York with a group of about 50 students. They will be touring Times Square, going to a Broadway play, having dinner in Little Italy at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory.





At its meeting on Sunday 14 April 2013 the Session conducted the following business:


Dorothy reported that we had received a grant from the Vanguard Charitable organization for $500.00. This grant was through the recommendation of Robert Allen and Mary Stickford.

Pastor’s Report: – attended Presbytery Cluster work day in Hobbs and the Synod meeting in Albuquerque – will attend Presbytery meeting in Carlsbad April 26 & 27.


Committee Reports and Recommendations:

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION - Probable dates for VBS second week in July.

MISSION & STEWARDSHIP - Joe is organizing our part in the Crop Walk.



Worship Attendance


March 24 . . . . . 51

March 31 . . . . .60

April 7 . . . . . . 48

April 14 . . . . . .54



The best use of life is to invest in something that will outlive life.

Remember Westminster in your will.



May Liturgists


May 5 - Ann Dye

May 12 - Nancy Armstrong

May 19 - Bill Briney

May 26 - Phyllis Lester



Randy’s Hymn


See the holes in my hands where nails pierced them. Place your hand in the wound in my side.


Understand the Good News of the Gospel: Understand ‘twas for you that I died.


See the stone where it lies now discarded. See the tomb bare, the folded grace clothes;


Understand the Good News of the Gospel: Understand ‘twas for you that I rose.


Tend the naked, the hungry, the dying. Work for peace. Call your enemy, friend.


Understand the command that I leave you. Understand it is you that I send.


Deny self, take your cross and come after. Preach Good News to each nation and race.


When I lead, I enable to follow. When I call, I uphold with my grace.


Words by Rev. Randy Nolen

Music by Jane C. Debenport



Mark Your Calendars!



  • May 1, 6:30 pm. Choir Practice

  • May 2, 9:00 am. Comm. Kitchen

  • May 2, 5:00 pm. CASA

  • May 3, 3:00 pm. Worship Committee

  • May 4, 7:45 am. Church Pride Day!

  • May 5, 9:30 am. Communion

  • May 5, 11:00 am. Session Meeting

  • May 8, 6:30 pm. Choir Practice

  • May 9, 5:00 pm. CASA

  • May 11, 8:00 am. Men’s Breakfast

  • May 12, 11:00 am. Mother’s Day Potluck Luncheon

  • May 13, 9:30 am. PW Circle

  • May 15, 6:30 pm. Choir Practice

  • May 16, 9:00 am. Comm. Kitchen

  • May 16, 5:00 pm. CASA

  • May 17. CHIMES Deadline

  • May 18, 8:00 am. Men’s Breakfast

  • May 19, 10:45 am. Evangelism & Concern Committee

  • May 22, 6:30 pm. Choir Practice

  • May 23, 5:00 pm. CASA

  • May 25, 8:00 am. Men’s Breakfast

  • May 26, Cents-Ability Collection

  • May 27, 9:00 am. Piece Maker’s Day

  • May 29, 6:00 pm. Choir Practice

  • May 30, 9:00 am. Comm. Kitchen

  • May 30, 5:00 pm. CASA



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   Discussion: Westminster Chimes, May 2013
Julia A. Esquibel · 5 years, 9 months ago
Since I have completely lost my memory and neglect to get news into the Chimes I am posting this notice in the hope that some of our members will see it before May 12th! The Fellowship Committe would like all the women attending the potluck to bring a picture of themself and their mother. We will have a contest to see who matches the most entries. There will be an award for the most right!! I will announce it in Church in the morning and put a notice by the sign-up sheet also. My apologies. If anyone finds my lost memory, please return it to me ASAP. With love to all of you, Julie

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