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Westminster Chimes, September 2013 Westminster Chimes, September 2013

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Westminster Chimes, September 2013

Posted on Sat, Aug 24, 2013

From the Pastor


Summer is drawing to a close. Vacations are ending, college students have left for faraway campuses, and children have gone back to school. (And families who have been absent from church all summer are preparing to come back, I hope.) The summer doldrums are over. People everywhere are preparing for new beginnings. (Regardless of what the calendar might say, the new year really begins in September. Maybe there is something to be said for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, which is celebrated in September or October.)


The church program year is starting, as well. Now is the time for some New Year's resolutions: resolutions such as "I will faithfully attend worship every Sunday"; "I will join a Sunday School class and be a reliable, contributing member"; "I will stop putting off joining the choir and get involved in the music program of the church"; "I will give thanks for all God has given me by pledging and tithing to enable the church to do its work"; "I will be aware of the needs of my community, of my church, and of my brothers and sisters in Christ, and I will dedicate myself to finding ways of ministering to all of these"; and "I will pray daily for the pastor, the church, and the body of Jesus Christ in the world."


Since this is a time of shopping lists as well—school clothes, books, pencils, computer supplies, etc.—here are two more lists of items (one clothing list and one grocery list). I pray we will all dedicate ourselves to acquiring:


Clothing-the Whole Armor of God

the girdle of truth

the breastplate of righteousness

the shoes of the gospel of peace

the shield of faith

the helmet of salvation

the sword of the spirit of God, which is the word of God. (Ephesians 6:14-17)


Groceries: The fruits of the spirit










(Galatians 5:22-23)


Welcome back.


The Rev. Randy Nolen



PW Happenings


The New Year will begin on September 9 at 9:30 am. The Lesson Study book is “Abiding Hope—The Presence of God in Exodus & Deuteronomy.” The Lesson Leader will be Mary Puckett, and Margaret Johnson will be our Hostess. We hope you all can attend and make this a great year!


God’s Blessings,


Goldene Mondragon

PW Moderator



Hungry Harold


It’s that time again, time to help out Hungry Harold. He says for September 2013, he is in need of Kool-Aid and/or Drink Mixes along with Pastas and Dried Pinto Beans. He gives thanks for the many blessings he has received from members and friends of Westminster Presbyterian Church.



Westminster Banners


In the “back room” of the sanctuary is a folder containing pictures and the background about all the banners hung for the various services conducted in the church. I believe that the readers of the Chimes will find the information interesting, especially to those who have been members since the early beginning of this church.


In the early 1970s, Mildred Nietert, a church member, brought back pictures of the banners in her daughter’s church in Colorado; and with the approval of the session, she and other ladies worked on duplicating the felt banners, still in use. The original satin paraments (displayed on the pulpit and altar) were made by Jean Rockhold around 1965.


The liturgical colors of the church seasons are white, purple, red, and green. White is used for special days in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, such as Christmas and Easter. Purple marks the seasons of penitence and preparation, Advent and Lent. Red is the color of Pentecost and is often used for ordination services. Green is used for all other time periods, called “Ordinary Time”, to represent spiritual growth. Congregations can use the colors with some flexibility.


Under the service of William C. Koch, pastor, 1973-1976, there were eight felt banners made. Two are purple banners with white lettering, the left with a cross, crown of thorn and nails, and the words “with His stripes”; and the right with a cross and lamb, and the words “we are healed”. These are still in use and can be seen Ash Wednesday through Lent. The second set, two white banners with red lettering, is used from Easter until Pentecost Sunday. The one placed on the left has a cross and the words “Because He lives”, and on the right a butterfly and the words, “I too shall live.” The third set is composed of white felt and purple lettering and is displayed on Christ the King Sunday and Christmas Eve through Advent. The left one has purple stars with one large gold star and the lettering REJOICE; the right one is decorated with a cradle, shepherd’s hook, gold crown, and the word EMMANUEL. The fourth set, used for all other time periods, called “Ordinary Time”, is two dark olive green banners with white symbols. The left one represents the Four Gospels—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; the other the Sacrament of Communion—Grapes, Wafer, Cup and Wheat. The symbols are separated from one another by a purple cross in the center of the banner. These four sets are still in use.


Under the service of Jeff and Laura Finch, co-pastors, 1986-1990, there were two sets of batik banners made. Laura Finch knew how to do the batik process, and a number of women helped with these. Each of the four banners represents a Sunday in Advent. The first banner has a lamp and one candle; the second has two candles; the third has three candles, and the fourth has three candles with an angel holding the fourth candle. These have also been used, being alternated with other sets from year to year.


Under the service of Karl Travis, pastor, 1991-1999, there were four more added to the Westminster collection. The first set of two was made by Phil and Flora Witherspoon between 1991 and 1995. They were displayed on Baptism of the Lord, Transfiguration, and Trinity Sundays. One represents the Trinity—the hands represent the Father, the fish the Son, and the dove the Holy Spirit. The second banner represents the Baptism—the dove is the Holy Spirit with the Baptismal shell and water, and the first two Greek letters in the name of Christ, chi and rho, are also shown. The Witherspoons also made a matching parament for the lectern and table scarf for the communion table.


During this same time period, two red corduroy banners were designed and made by Elsie DeWolf. They were made especially for Pentecost. The first banner reads, “Come, Holy Spirit, fill our hearts.” The second banner reads, “Christ our Lord be our guide.” Elsie also made a matching parament for the lectern and table scarf for the communion table.


During the last part of Karl’s pastoring and under Tracy Spencer-Brown, 1999-2007, a former member of our congregation, Martha Brown, designed and made two sets of banners to be used during “Ordinary Times.” Martha is a very talented artist and quilting is her specialty. The banner with three crosses has the Lord’s Prayer stitched in the border, and the second banner has the Alpha and Omega symbols, the beginning and the end, bordered by two rows of multi-colored pieces that resemble stained glass. The third banner is a Cross and Loaves and Fishes, a reminder of the miracle of feeding the five thousand. The fourth banner has the Tree of Life surrounded by Biblical symbols, and the inscription “GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.” Martha also made a matching parament and table scarf.


The Chimes is printing the story that inspired Martha in her creation of the three crosses. We wanted to share this with our readers.



Three on a Hill


A Letter from Martha Brown:


This parament was ten months in the making. I knew I wanted to do another cross quilt, but didn’t know exactly what. Gary Brill asked if I could do three crosses and sketched me a small stick design of what he was thinking. That little sketch is going in my archive, Gary.


Designing this parament was the most difficult part. The final decision was to do a fabric watercolor technique. My intention was to have the three crosses in the foreground with the light coming from behind them and framed in an oval shape. I also wanted the center cross to stand out from the other two, so I used color and size to achieve this. Since this parament was intended for display during the “ordinary time” season, the predominant color had to be green. I first used my computer to layout the crosses and then to color in the squares. Then it was time for the best part, fabric shopping!


I cut most of the fabric into two and one-half inch squares, stacking them from darkest to lightest. Starting from the bottom, I began placing each square on a piece of flannel I hung on my sewing room wall. Once the entire layout was completed, I adjusted the squares of colors many times to achieve the final result. I would go into my room every day for a month and sit down and look, squinting, and maybe changing a square or two to a different color. I even had to go fabric shopping again, just to get the right transition of color. I also used the wrong side of some of the fabric squares to get a different but similar color. After letting the layout stay on my wall for a month, I decided to sew the squares together. In total, there are 42 different fabrics used, and there are 850 squares that make up this quilt.


Once the top was completed, I had to decide how to quilt the three layers together. This, too, changed several times. My first attempt was to put “The Lord’s Prayer” within the background of the quilt. I measured each section where there was room and cut tissue paper of that particular size. Then I wrote the words on the tissue paper. I placed the tissue paper on the quilt making sure all of it would fit nicely. I first made a sample layer of fabric and batting so I could test myself to get the rhythm of writing with my sewing machine. With success on the sample, I began to sew on the real quilt “Our Father” and soon found out this was not going to work. Unlike the sample, the quilt was too big to maneuver under my little machine for this kind of legible writing.


I finally got an idea to quilt crosses into the background. Again, using tissue paper, I drew crosses for a particular area and then took it to the machine and quilted it. All totaled, there are 20 crosses of various sizes and types quilted into the background. Some of the different forms of the cross I have quilted are: the Calvary, budded, Celtic, passion, Greek, Latin, Maltese, and Trinity crosses. They can best be seen from the backside. Thinking the crosses would stand our better, I decided to do some stipple quilting around all the crosses.


Now that the top is quilted, what to do with the two-inch border? The Lord’s Prayer of course! I don’t have all the bulk to contend with, so it starts at the top, goes down the right side, up the left side, and finishes within the three crosses. Amen!


I didn’t realize until after it was finished that it somewhat tells a story, in my opinion. Death is depicted from the dark base of the crosses and life from the colorful floral fabrics rising upward framing the crosses. The light fabric background depicts Christ as the Light (of the World). “


Martha Brown



Adult Christian Education


The adult class continues each Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. It is the study of Paul’s letters to the Colossians, conducted by Bob Williams. Class members are encouraged to take part in lively discussions throughout, and all adults are invited.



A Fond Farwell


Westminster is saying good-bye to Christine Spears, who is moving to be near her family in Oregon. She and Otis were faithful members, and we were saddened when Otis passed away but were glad to see Christine rejoin us while she made arrangements to move closer to her son and family. Many of you want to stay in communication with her, and she graciously provided us with her new address:


 4505 SW 142nd Avenue

 Apt. 133

 Beaverton, Oregon 97005



Called Presbytery Meeting in Roswell


Special Thanks to Westminster-Roswell for their hospitality on August 10, 2013, especially to WPC's Evangelism and Concern committee: Nancy Armstrong, Ann Dye, Margaret Johnson, Phyllis Lester, and Peg Stokes.

The Presbytery of Sierra Blanca held a Called Informational Meeting, to which 40 commissioners, pastors, and interested persons attended and participated in much dialogue and interaction.


Small groups dialogued about four topics: Organizational Options; Polity; Resources: Finance & People; & Staffing. These topics emerged from the recent survey congregation sessions and members had an opportunity to submit to the Leadership Team.


Neutral topic presentations by Sierra Blanca Presbytery Leadership Team members:

Robert Reno (TE-Alamogordo), Ann Langlinais (RE-Carlsbad),

Hugh Burroughs (SE-Sierra Blanca Presbytery), & Larry Loy (CRE-Westminster-Roswell).

Opening worship was led by Adam Soliz (CRE-Iglesia Presbiteriana Hispana-Roswell), and closing worship was led by Larry Loy (CRE-Westminster-Roswell).


Prayers were interspersed throughout the day, with almost everyone sharing a vision and desire to discern God’s intentions.

A light lunch was provided by the presbytery, and everyone was treated to an ice cream sandwich treat.


The meeting was positive for the presbytery and planning is beginning for moving forward with "should the way be clear" for business as usual.


Fall Stated Presbytery meeting will be held September 27-28, 2013, Clovis-First.



Session News


The August 11, 2013 Session meeting was much shorter than usual, and we were able to cover the agenda in an hour. To relate the highlights, please read the following:

Our pastor Randy Nolen, choir director Velloy Millett, and organist Sharon Howell attended a choir-music event in Albuquerque, at which they previewed some of the new anthems and selected several music pieces to present to the congregation in the upcoming year.

Casa will begin on August 22, 2013, under the direction of Phyllis Lester and Dorinne Lykins. They would appreciate any food donations that can be made during the year.

Adult Sunday School will be led by Bob Williams with the study of Colossians.


Picnic-in-the-Park is scheduled for Sunday, September 15, after church. Consider bringing folding chairs and eating utensils. The signup sheet will be found in the Narthex.



VBS Success!


The following article appeared in the Roswell Daily Record on Saturday, August 17, 2013. It was written by the visiting team from Liberty Presbyterian Church, a mission church that led the VBS held at Westminster the week of July 22-26. The letter of thanks submitted to the paper never was published, but it is included in this edition of the Chimes.


Westminster Presbyterian Church hosted the North Liberty Presbyterian Church Mission Team from Grove City, PA., recently. The team of 23 adults and children included a young man, Alex Catedral, who was born and raised in the Westminster Congregation and now makes his home in Grove City.


The North Liberty team led a Vacation Bible School that was much different from the VBS they had planned. When a small number of children showed up on Monday, the team went out into the neighborhood to recruit children. Their invitation at the Boys and Girls Club of Roswell resulted in a flood of children on Tuesday morning that filled the church with smiles, laughter and love.


On Tuesday afternoon, the team took the children on a day trip to Bottomless Lakes State Park for a few hours of fun that ended with a treat from McDonald’s. The team would like to extend a special thank you to the Roswell McDonald’s for making up 120 McDoubles in about 15 minutes.


While in Roswell, the group volunteered at the Community Kitchen, helped with repairs on the Westminster Church grounds, and led an adult Bible Study for three evenings. It was an amazing and blessed week for all involved.


This is the most fantastic VBS experience I’ve ever witnessed. What a blessing to have people come all the way from Pennsylvania to minister to our community,” said Margaret Johnson, a member of the Westminster congregation. To read more about the NLPC mission team’s experience in Roswell, visit their blog at:





For the Record,


This letter to the editor was submitted to Roswell Daily Record on July 30, 2013.


Dear Editor:


On behalf of the session and members of Westminster Presbyterian Church, I want to thank the group of twenty-three members of North Liberty Presbyterian Church in Grove City, PA, for their generosity and kindness to the young people of Roswell. They came to Roswell for the week of July 22--July 26 to conduct a Vacation Bible School. This was not the first time that this mission oriented church has sent its talented group to assist the Hispanic community and Pastor Adam Soliz in a Vacation Bible School, and during their previous stays in Roswell, Westminster had been their “home base”. Because Iglesia Hispana Presbiteriana is currently having Sunday worship in Westminster, it was decided that a joint VBS be held at this location.


After a two-year money-raising program to fund the expenses to make their long journey to Roswell, they arrived Saturday night, July 20, and by Monday our church was transformed into a roller coaster theme park, ready to receive the children. We were especially blessed this year to have members of the Boys and Girls Club of Roswell to join us. On Tuesday, three busloads of kids were transported to Bottomless Lakes for an afternoon of fun. The attendees were provided lunch each afternoon before leaving the church. This VBS experience brightened the lives of all the kids who attended, and there were seventy-three young minds and bodies that were challenged and blessed.

Roswell was very honored to have had this talented and dedicated Christian group grace us with their expertise in setting up and teaching a VBS that encourages our young people to appreciate the Lord’s many blessings. We thank you each and every one!


Ann Reese Dye

WPC Session Elder



September Liturgists


September 1 - Phil Zollars

September 8 - Jim Monteith

September 15 - Barbara McNallen

September 22 – Connie Berckes

September 29 – Harriet Pinkerton



Worship Attendance


July 28 - 48

August 4 - 55

August 11 - 51

August 18 - 53



Mark Your Calendars!



  • Sept. 1. Communion Sunday

  • Sept. 1, 10:45am. Evangelism & Concern Committee Meeting

  • Sept. 4, 6:30pm. Choir Practice

  • Sept. 5, 5:00pm. CASA

  • Sept. 6, 3:00pm. Worship Committee

  • Sept. 7, 8:00am. Men’s Breakfast

  • Sept. 8, 11am. Session Meeting

  • Sept. 9, 9:30am. PW Circle starts

  • Sept. 11, 6:30pm. Choir Practice

  • Sept. 12, 5:00pm. CASA

  • Sept. 14, 8:00am. Men’s Breakfast

  • Sept. 18, 6:30pm. Choir Practice

  • Sept. 19, 5:00pm. CASA

  • Sept. 20. CHIMES Deadline

  • Sept. 21, 8:00am. Men’s Breakfast

  • Sept. 22. Cents-Ability Collection

  • Sept. 23, 9:00am. Piece Maker’s Day

  • Sept. 25, 6:30pm. Choir Practice

  • Sept. 26, 5:00. CASA

  • Sept. 28, 8:00am. Men’s Breakfast

  • Sept. 29. Food Collection Sunday



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Contributions are kindly requested by the third Friday of each month.


Editor Ann Dye



September Ushers


Aurora Zollars, Tony Merz,

Enid Kelley, Sharon Cutrell





Ashley Turnbow

Elaine Hanson

Jean Rockhold

Kate DeBraose

Dorothy Straley

Russell DeKay

Nancy Armstrong

Jan West

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